Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Selma Idrizović- Babysitter

My name is Selma Idrizović. I am 30 years old. I have lot of experience working with children. I am a mother of one child.I'm responsible,communicative and i love working with kids. I am available for part time jobs(evenings or weekend). If you need house cleaning or babysitting please contact me on my e-mail selma.idrizovic@gmail.com or directly on my number : 062 963 954

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Nanny Emina Musafendic

After working for us since our baby was 3 months old until she went to daycare at 15 months we are leaving Sarajevo and our wonderful nanny.

If anyone wants a loving, responsible, punctual, and very capable nanny look no further than Emina Musafendic- whom you may reach at 061 970721 - mobile number. She has experience working with newborns to older children and Emina is available for either full time or part time work and lives in Sarajevo.

Good luck and happy to discuss more if anyone wants to email Lilly  purchaselw@gmail.com


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Nanny/Housekeeper: Elvira Ferizovic

We are leaving Sarajevo and I would like to recommend our great housekeeper and Nanny Elvira Ferizovic. She has been working for us for two years and we will miss her a lot.
Elvira is very reliable and trustworthy. During that time, she took care of many things in our house from cleaning, laundry, ironing, paying bills, grocery shopping, preparing easy meals, sorts out issues when Bosnian is required … She also took care of our two kids and picked up them from school.  Thanks to her, my house was always extremely clean and orderly. She’s hard working, and able to stay long hours if needed. 
She’s a very positive person, always smiling and she had a very good relationship with our two boys (8 and 10 when we arrived). She's a mother of a boy
She’s a Bosnian native speaker and speaks English fluently. She’s 44 and if you need a real help during your stay is Sarajevo, do not hesitate to call her  : +387 61565673 (phone or viber). She is looking for a part-time job or even full-time.
For further details or references don’t hesitate to contact me by phone before October (+387 66 800 705) or by email anytime  ccaillourobert@gmail.com
Cécile Caillou-Robert
French Embassy

Friday, July 14, 2017

Nanny Recommendation: Amra Kurtovic

I would like to recommend a great nanny in Sarajevo: Amra Kurtovic. Amra has been taking care of our twin boys since they were 6 weeks old and was a great help to us in these first months of sleepless nights. She provided lots of sensitive and practical advise on how to raise babies and twins in particular and how to put into place a routine for eating, sleeping, developing psycho-motric skills. She has tremendous experience working with international families with young children, infants and twins so it was really good for us as we were new parents. She stayed with the boys full time from age 3 months when I started working again and it was a great comfort to me to leave them so young in capable hands. She helped me so that I could continue nursing them for 8 months which meant a lot.
She is very active and full of energy, often sings and finds all sorts of games and educational activities. At the same time she is really serious and disciplined, taking care of baby clothes and making sure all the baby items and room is very clean and in order. She has a nurse degree so it was reassuring to us knowing that she could provide first aid if necessary and that she was able to provide some medical advice. She connected us with doctors in town and arranged all the necessary appointments.
Amra speaks excellent English and is native Bosnian. She is now looking for a part time job as our kids are attending kindergarten. You can contact her by phone: +387 61929419 or email:kurtovic_amra@yahoo.com
You can also contact me on 061 897 655 for further information. Olivia Bouvet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Experienced nanny, Biljana Maric, available from 1 January 2017

Biljana Maric has been a nanny to my children for the duration of our three-year stay in Sarajevo.  This is our fourth overseas posting and Biljana is by far the best nanny we have ever had.  She is firm but kind, patient and engaging with our three  older children, ages 7, 6 and 4.  She is also very capable of caring for babies and is now mostly responsible for caring for our infant son.  In addition to picking our children up for school, preparing dinner and taking care of household chores, Biljana is also an expert Lego builder and tea party goer.  Interested families can contact myself, Andrea Wilson (061 436 790, andreamwilson1979@gmail.com for a reference) or Biljana directly at 062 622 833. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nanny: Leila Sabic

My name is Leila Sabic. I'm 25 years old. I have been working as a nanny for the past 7 years. Currently I'm in Switzerland but I'm coming back to Sarajevo in the middle of August and I'm looking for a full time job. I speak fluently English and a little bit of German. I have a lot of experience with kids,from newborn babies to school kids. I'm responsible,communicative and I love working with kids.

If you are interested and want more information,please contact me on my e-mail. Thank you.

E-mail: leilasabic@live.com

Nanny: Merima Hodzic

Merima Hodzic worked for us for several years and I highly recommend her as full- or part-time babysitter. She has 5+ years experience working as a nanny and is excellent with children. As our part-time babysitter my sons always looked forward to spending time with her; she is energetic, caring and creative and puts a great deal of thought into the activities, crafts and games she entertains the children with. She also works as a tutor and her love of learning is evident in the activities she engages the children in (playing outside, drawing, craft projects, but no TV).

Merima is fluent in English and German, as well as Bosnian, and is studying at university. She is experienced taking care of children of all ages, is a good cook and can prepare meals and snacks, as well as help with a range of errands and household tasks. She regularly took care of our cat and kept an eye on the house while we were away and is very responsible and trustworthy. I highly recommend her as an excellent childcare provider and all-around help to your household; I'm confident that she will prove herself to be as indispensable to your family as she was to ours.

Merima can be reached directly at hodzic.merima@yahoo.com  or 061 620 938

I'm happy to act as a reference if you have further questions and can be reached at laurawray@gmail.com

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Nanny: Azra Kovacevic

My name is Azra Kovačević, and I am 30 years old. I am looking for a job as a babysitter/nanny. I have a master's degree in social work and experience in working with children. I have worked as a teaching assistant with children with disabilities. I am positive, communicative, responsible and reliable person, and I love working with children. I speak English quite well (certificate of knowledge - Upper-Intermediate B2.1.). If you need someone who's going to care about your needs and needs of your child, and you want your child to be happy, content and safe do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number and email are : 033 61 345 348, kovacevic_az@hotmail.com

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nanny: Sejla Saric

My name is Šejla Sarić. I'm 36 years old and I'm looking for full/part time job as a nanny or occasionally babysitter.
I have finished secondary school of applied arts and have university degree in early childhood education.
I have over 14 years of experience working with international families and taking care of kids from new borns to teenagers. I was employed four years at QSI-International School of Sarajevo as preschool teacher assistant and was teaching arts and crafts class too.
I'm also known as Zvjezdica (little star) clown. I entertain kids at parties. I do games, music, dancing, balloon modeling and professional FacePainting. More about it you can find on my Facebook page
I'm connected with other nannies that are most familiar nannies from nanny community in Sarajevo. Together we organize play dates and group activities for kids.
I have successfully completed the CPR training course at U.S. Embassy.
I'm fluent in English. I have drivers license B category. Not smoking or consuming alcohol. Mother of 10 year old boy. My philosophy of child care is one of learning through fun. Im responsible, dependable and easy to work with. I have many recommends and they are available upon request. Feel free to contact me on my mail sejlabeni@hotmail.com or call me. My number is 062 321 502.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Nanny/housekeeper: Mirzeta Kadic

Unfortunately, we are leaving Sarajevo at very short notice end of next week for another posting. Ms. Mirzeta Kadic has been working for us for 2 ½ years. In that time, she took care of everything from cleaning, laundry, ironing, paying bills, helping out with Bosnian in case of contacts to authorities and companies, grocery shopping, preparing easy meals and especially taking care of our three kids (when we started here they were between 6 months and four years). Mirzeta is a very hard working, warm hearted woman. She is especially sweet with babies, for our youngest whom she took care of the whole day before he started kindergarten, she is the third most important person in the world. She has no problem working a lot and stays longer hours if need be.

Mirzeta is a Bosnian native spreaker and speaks good German. She is 48 and has raised three kids of her own. You can reach her at +387 66735269.

For those who need a kind, loyal and true helper, I highly recommend Mirzeta.

Natalie Kauther

Deputy Chief of Mission

German Embassy

Housekeeper/nanny: Biba MERIĆ

7 years of working experience at the embassy and the residence of Slovenia – cleaning, ironing,

cooking, babysitting. Basic knowledge of English and German. Selforganised, responsible,

communicative, discreet, reliable.

People can contact Biba on her telephone number 062 556-522 or biba.meric@gmail.com.

Nanny: Senada Popov

My husband and I live in Sarajevo.
Senada Popov has been recommended to us and has been working for us for some time now. She is very reliable and extremely trustworthy. Because we don't need her everyday of the week she has some days available now. We don't have children but I know that Senada also babysits when needed.
Her phone number 061-321284.
You can also contact her by email at; sencipopov@hotmail.com

Kind regards
Nadine Beudeker

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Nanny/Housekeeper: Mirela Beckovic

Two years ago we found Mirela through sarajevo babyblog, she was highly recommended by her previous employer. I can genuinely say that she was considerably better than described. As an individual she is an excellent person, friendly with a warm character, she works long hours if needed, she cleans, she cooks fantastic food, she has no issue with shopping, she babysits, she organises the bills, makes the payment, sorts out issues where Bosnian is needed. She is bright and intelligent. My 7 year old son admires her and enjoys every moment that he spends with her. She has a great love for dogs and cats especially to abandoned ones, quite often she feeds them from her own pocket. We admire her honesty and the fact that she can be fully trusted and is always reliable. There has not been a single day that she found an excuse for coming late. She is fluent in English, Turkish and reasonable level of German besides being a native Bosnian speaker.
Highly recommended.
For more details contact Richard Wood – 062 871 641
Mirela Beckovic

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nanny: Ranka Kisic

My name is Ranka Kisić and I'm 46 years old. I'm offering my services as a nanny for part-time or full-time job. I have a lot experience with kids (from newborn babies to school kids) and one of my biggest experiences was raising my own daughter who is grown up now.
I'm creative, communicative, trustworthy, patient, responsible and I love working with kids. English-speaking person.

If you think I'm the right person for your kid and your family, you want to meet me and you need more informations and references, feel free to contact me.

Phone: 061 710 106
E-mail: ranka.kisic@gmail.com

Nanny: Sanela Kutincic

I was working for GIZ in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2010 and living together with my daughter Amelie in Sarajevo while my husband was staying in Germany. As my former nanny got own children I needed to employ a new nanny to take care for Amelie in August 2013. By then my daughter was 7 years old and attending QSI Sarajevo (full-time-school).

Sanelas tasks included:

- Picking up Amelie from the bus station and daily supervision for 4-5 hours

- Occasionally full-day supervision and overnight stays (due to my trips)

- Supporting Amelie with homework

- Providing meals for her

- Coordinating her after-school activities (tennis, German classes, playdates, etc.)

As I was living as a working single-mom in Sarajevo I was totally dependent on the availability and reliability of the nanny. Sanela was perfect for this job. She was 100 % reliable and very responsible with Amelie. During all my trips I was never worried that anything could happen.

Living in Sarajevo for 5 years during playdates I have met many nannies and everytime I was very happy to have Sanela. She is a natural talent in taking care and playing with kids. They immediately like her and love to spend time with her. Her warm and kind character never made her yelling at Amelie but always staying patient even when Amelie was very upset. Sanela simply loves children and they love her. Amelie always missed her when she was spending her vacation “just with her parents”. She significantly improved her math and language skills by doing homework together with her (Sanela is a skilled teacher as well). Sanela is always very mindful and coordinated all of Amelies activities.

I was really impressed by her experiences and skills and willingness to adapt the education to our goals. She managed to teach Amelie in social skills as well, our daughter became more independent, confident and responsible. She was always keen on learning new things, e.g. recipes for cooking (she only cooked healthy meals). While being very happy that Sanela was an essential part in our life in Sarajevo we are extremely sad to leave her because we have to move to Germany.

I can strongly recommend Sanela for private daycare. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me under the following email-address eileen.frerking@gmail.com

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sports instructor: Minel Bakal

My name is Minel Bakal (27) and I'm an experienced coach with a master degree in Sports management and Physical education. Available for summer/winter sports such as swimming,
cycling, inline skates and ice skating. I enjoy working with kids! If you're looking for sports
activities for your kids feel free to contact me. I also have a car and can offer driver Services and organized outings. Bosnian and English spoken.

Phone:061 923 735


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Driver: Elvis Rašidović

Reliable young man available as a driver (full or part time) at a company or private household. Available for anything from help with errands to airport pick-up/drop-off to taking children to school and activities. Also available for longer trips upon request. Possesses a driver's licence B- category with over 12 years of extensive driving experience and knows Sarajevo and the region well. Special skills: Excellent customer service, safe driving record, non-smoker. Bosnian/English spoken.

Contact details:

Elvis Rašidović

e-mail: capro.2009@gmail.com

Phone: +38762002992

Nanny: Meri Kadic

As our work term ends in Sarajevo and we are leaving in August, I would like to recommend our nanny, Meri Kadic, who has been with us caring for our kids for the last year and a half. Before we hired Meri, we have gotten excellent recommendations of her previous family with whom she was for eight years. They also needed to leave Sarajevo and were very sad to leave Meri behind. But hiring Meri was proven to be the best choice we could make.

To us, Meri has been a friend and ‘the greatest help’ that we can only dream of and for my kids (son - 3.5 and daughter - 7.5), Meri has become ‘the Meri Poppins’ that they absolutely love and adore. There are so many things to tell about Meri and her work. From the first day she started working with us, my son flourished in all of his abilities and characteristics. Before Meri started working with us, my son was very shy and did not want to communicate or play with kids, but that immediately changed once Meri came to work for us. She organized playdates, took him to playgrounds, walks, parks, Zoo. So, in the last year and a half, he made so many friends that he sometimes is the reason people know us in town – we became ‘Misha’s parents’ J To my daughter, Meri became the best play-friend as well, they do a lot of dress up games and silly things that my daughter needs after school to be able to relax. Every day, Meri comes to our house with a planned day with wonderful events and activities. There are plenty of surprises for kids, so they are looking forward seeing her every morning coming through the door.

For us as parents, Meri has become an extension to us rather than just a nanny. There were several occasions where my husband and I were on business trips and Meri had to stay with kids alone. There were a couple of times where those trips lasted for 2 weeks. We did not have any hesitations to leave kids with Meri for such a prolonged time. Every day, we received a huge note from Meri on how the day went, what the kids ate, where they went, how my daughter’s school day was, etc. etc. All the details and pictures of each day possible. This was just wonderful to receive when we were out of town. Meri stepped in a lot with scheduling doctors’ appointments, grocery lists, finding places to have kids’ brithdays at, and many more things that we needed help with. Meri was very flexible when we asked her to stay longer during the day or when we needed to go out in the evenings or weekends. In the last year and a half, Meri was never late to work, always punctual and trustworthy. If and only because of weather conditions, she was going to be late, she would sent me SMS way in advance to prepare me for what might be happening, but still come on time. Meri speaks excellent English and she grew up in Germany, so she speaks German like native. But with my kids, she spoke Bosnian and it was funny that both of my kids speak better Bosnian than me and my husband do and my daughter translates things for us on occasion.

Meri will be available in August for full time or part time job. I would be happy to provide more details or answer any questions. My phone number before August – 0603207629 (Lina) or email before or after August – lina_ya@hotmail.com. We will all miss Meri tremendously, but I have no doubt that the family that Meri works for next, will be the lucky one J
Meri’s contact details: merikadic@hotmail.com or 061446835.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Houskeeper: Jelena Ostojic

Experienced housekeeper is offering her services few hours or days (if needed) per week. I am in my twenties, also I'm hardworking and easy to communicate with. If needed, I can send you my recommendations.
If you are interested, please contact me via no. 060 33 53 943 or email ostojic910@gmail.com

Monday, May 11, 2015

Nanny: Mia Muhic

I want to recommend out fantastic babysitter, Mia for any families looking for a full- or part-time nanny; she currently works part-time for us and has done so for several years.

She has worked for international families for more than 10 years and has experience caring for children of all ages, from babies to school-aged children, sometimes for families with several children and is patient, fair and enthusiastic. Mia speaks fluent English, as well as some French, and has first-aid and CPR training. Above all, she loves kids and has endless energy for fun outings and activities, from making pancakes to playing football to trips to the zoo. You can contact her directly at mia_kahvo@yahoo.com or by phone at 062 130 011.
I am also happy to act as a reference for anyone who would like more information. laurawray@gmail.com