Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nanny: Safeta Prazina

Safeta worked for our family as our children's nanny from August 2006 to October 2010. She took care of our daughter since she was four months old and our son since he was born. To assist in caring for our children, Safeta spent three months with us in the Netherlands and a year living with us in Israel. Safeta took outstanding care of our two children. She spent a great deal of effort not only caring for them physically but also teaching them new things. She listened to our guidance regarding their care very closely and adhered to it. At the end of each day, Safeta reported back to us on how our children spent their days and what they each accomplished. Safeta is extremely committed to child care and very trustworthy. She cared for our children as if they were her own and took responsibility to ensure their physical safety, well-being and intellectual development. Given that Safeta worked for us for more than four years and lived with us for a great deal of that time, she became part of our family. All of us were very sad to see her leave Israel and return to Bosnia. My husband and I would rehire Safeta without a second thought.
Safeta's Phone Number : +38763-069-392